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I clutched the satin between my fingers and pulled tight. This would be a knot that truly lasted, just like the promise she would make to him later that day. I pulled the ends through just the right amount and made sure they were even in the perfect way, before giving her the ok to turnaround. And in that moment it hit me. That we aren’t just picture takers and memory preservers, or outsiders simply hired to do an eight hour work day. We’re friends and confidants, planners and guides, and everything else our couples need us to be for them on their wedding day’s. And while I’ve known for years how truly invested we become in each of the love stories we are lucky enough to have shared with us, there was something that tugged at my heart so much about THIS. That in a room full of people, most of which this bride had known for her years, she turned to me and asked me to tie the bow that would be the finishing touch of her dress that day. That she trusted ME to make it just right.

Behind the Scenes with Sarah & Ben_0001

Years ago, when we began this adventure, we knew it would be filled with love and pretty things. We knew we would get to give couples the gift of seeing their relationships for the epic love stories that they are. But in a million years we never could have known how much of a gift they would give US. How much our hearts would grow with every wedding day we we were welcomed into or how lucky we would feel to be trusted with such important moments in time. Years ago, I never could have guessed how much more this job would be than just clicking a shutter, but my full heart is so, so very glad that it is.

Love + Laughs,


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Hi friends, Ben here! Bust out your best moves and grab your dance partner, because today we’re talking music!

Go to enough wedding receptions and you will realize one thing, everyone LOVES music. No matter where they come from, whether it is east coast or west coast, farm or city, there are just some songs that people all over adore. What I love most about this music is how artists take popular songs everyone has heard a thousand times and make them their own. You see it all the time on American Idol, the Voice and the Sarah & Ben office occasionally ; )

So since I have a love of covers,  I thought it would be fun to start a series to share some really great variations on wedding songs that we hear all the time. Today we are going to start with one of the most classic first dance songs,  “At Last” by Etta James. Etta absolutely nails this song from 1960, (and it should be known that I absolutely LOVE the original) but it’s always refreshing to hear those sweet words in a new way or unique way. Who knows, you might actually enjoy some of these more than the original…Maybe. ; )

The original, incomparable  Etta James

Beyonce – She is an up and coming singer…. oh who am I kidding. This version comes from the soundtrack to Cadillac Records. Now to be fair, she was playing the role of ETTA JAMES, so this is a bit of a sneaky choice but you can hear the difference from Jazzy Etta to pop star Beyonce.

Joni Mitchell – If you don’t know who she is, ask your parents. She is an old soul who’s voice will make your spirit stop and listen.

Jahmere Douglas -How awesome to find a man covering such a powerful female vocal?! He does hit the high notes a ton, but hey, Maroon 5 is on the radio all the time and people seem to really like them.

Sara Niemietz – She has an old voice in a young person’s body. You can almost hear her smile while she sings and it feels as if she wrote the song when she sings it. This one makes our hearts have some feels.

Hannah Grace –  I am a sucker for a good violin, and this has an intro ideal for a great first dance. I like how simple her version feels.

. . . . and finally for all you people who just love a good beat, there’s this little gem. I don’t think it works for a first dance (then again, why not?) but it is much different than all the rest.

Hope you guys found one new thing to brighten up your Monday!

Love + Laughs,


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When we first met Kelly and Joe, it was obvious that there wedding was going to be anything but typical. They didn’t place a ton of importance on what the centerpieces would look like at their reception, or on having a huge bridal party stand around them as they said their vows. They simply wanted an intimate ceremony that kept the focus on the promise they would make to each other on that day, and as much as we love all things detail related it was hard not to fall in love with the vision of their day. From talking to them (and getting those goosebumpy feelings that seem to come along whenever people talk about those true-lovey sorta things) we knew we had to be a part of their wedding. So needless to say we were beyond thrilled when it turned out they felt the same way!

We met the two of them in downtown St. Pete for a few pictures with their pups, and then a stroll around the park. Afterwards they grabbed a quick outfit change and their favorite bottle of moscato and we headed to Pass-a-Grille Beach to catch the sunset. These two were so incredibly at ease in front of the camera, and we all spent the entire afternoon laughing constantly (which made it go by far too quickly for our liking!)

Kelly and Joe, we can’t wait for your big day at the chapel! But until then enjoy a few favorites from our afternoon, and we hope to see you guys for pizza soon!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0016Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0024Passe a Grill Beach Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022

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They would be standing in front of their family and friends in just a few minutes, but right now, this minute was just for the two of them. There, beneath a tree, where so many people before them had come to tie their wishes, they slipped seamlessly in and out of fits of laugher and the sweetest of embraces in the way only best friends do. And there was no need for either of them to tie a slip of paper to the branches that day, or for any wishes to be made. Because everything their hearts had wished for was already standing there within their arms . . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kyle and Adam are married! They had an absolutely perfect ceremony on the lawn of the Dali Museum followed by an outdoor reception which was warmly lit by string lights. Kyle wore a stunning Robert Bullock dress which she looked gorgeous in while Adam and all his guys were dapper in their bowties and suits. We loved how their personalities were in all the details of the day., from the silhouette of their dogs on the cake to their basketball themed introductions, every detail was 100% them.

During the reception, the girls all traded in their heels for some custom embroidered Chuck Taylors, and all the guests sat at tables filled with books, Dali clocks and pictures of the couple. Instead of traditional favors, A + K opted to gift their guests with tipsy cakes from the cake zone (which is the best and most delicious idea ever!) and the Bay Kings Band kept the dance floor packed from the moment it opened.

Kyle and Adam, thank you for the incredible honor of getting to spend the day with you two! You are by far two of the most sweet and considerate people we have been lucky enough to meet, and we wish you all the best as you start this next part of your adventure together. The next time you make it down to Florida, you know we expect a beer date!

Love and Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0016Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0015Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0018Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0017Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0003Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0019Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0004Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0020Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0005Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0021Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0006Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0022Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0008Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0024Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0010Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0009Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0023Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0007Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0026Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0027Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0030Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0029Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0028Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0013Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0025Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0034Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0035Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0036Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0037Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0038Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0040Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0039Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0041Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0042Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0044Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0043Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0045Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0012Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0046Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0031Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0047Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0011Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0032Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0014Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0033Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0048Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0049Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0050Dali Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0051




Photography: Sarah & Ben

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Dali Museum 

Hair: Taylor King

Makeup: Beonca Torres-Attucks

Wedding Dress: Robert Bullock from Malindy Elene

Groom’s Apparel: The Black Tux

Coordinator: Amber Patricio

Florist: 2Birds

Cake Design: The Cake Zone

Band: Bay Kings Band

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  • Robert C Hollander - A beautiful tribute.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Dalton - Beautiful photos. Beautiful couple. So many special moments. Also love the yellow sneakers on Kyle in the last photo…:)ReplyCancel

  • Sue Latter Gagain - What a beautiful ceremony and beginning for two wonderful lives!!!!!! Yellow!!!!!!! The best color ever! Kyle is so gorgeous and all the pictures are priceless!ReplyCancel

It happened. We  officially reached our hundredth wedding on Saturday as we spent Kyle + Adam’s big day with them at the Dali! We absolutely can’t believe we have reached that milestone already, because each and every wedding day is still so fresh in our minds. And as we put this collage together we couldn’t help but get all sappy and reminisce about our favorite moments with the bride + groom in each and every square. The fact that our business has grown as quickly as it has is solely because of all of the sweet couples who took a chance on us, invited us into their love stories, and allowed us to be a part of their best day ever. And the fact that it continues to grow is something we are humbled by each and every day.Our Hundredth Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002

To every set of faces in this little square of memories, thank you for taking a chance on us. For being with us from the very start of this adventure, and for continuing to be such an amazing source of love and support in our lives. We absolutely wouldn’t be living this incredible life without a single one of you, and while thank you will never ever be enough, we hope you know how truly and deeply we mean it. Thank you.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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  • Melissa Ann - Thank you for being so wonderful! I hope you two have all the success in the world (and then some). You two are so amazing and inspiring not only with the love of your craft but the love of each other. Thank you for being apart of my special day. The moments you captured were beautiful and I will never forget them. ❤️❤️❤️ReplyCancel