Last month our family grew by one. And before you get too excited and think that we’re about the drop a baby bomb on you, let us just say that this one little thing had four paws and a whole lot of fur. That’s right, there’s a new puppy in the family! Sarah’s parents (who are officially empty […]


Their’s is a love that can keep them warm from the cold. And that day, it did. As the wind roared and the rain came down, they stood close and held each other tight. Not caring about the chill around them or the mist that hit their skin. Simply thinking about the promise they would […]


Back in November we got together with another hubby + wife photography duo for some updated head shots, and we’re pumped to share some of them today! We love how perfectly these shots complement Caroline & Evan’s branding + website, and this colored wall was seriously the most perfect backdrop for their session. When you go to […]


Happy Friday friends! I can think of no better way to end the week (and start off this awesome month of love!) than by recounting my favorite little things from last month! If your new to these posts, check out the very first one HERE, and if you hang out on the blog often welcome back! […]

  • Ashley

    You two are awesome.

    My favorite little thing moment from last month came over a weekend. I picked up extra shifts and was working a 13 hour Saturday and opening the following morning on Sunday.
    I came home late Saturday and found a piece of my favorite cheesecake ready for me in the fridge, realized that my Monday grocery shopping ritual was already done, and on Sunday I woke up to a homemade breakfast.
    My husband does a great job at spoiling me. But like you said in Ankle Weights, it made my heart overflow that he took on extra just to make my load lighter.ReplyCancel

    • Love that Ashley (especially that the grocery shopping was done!) So sweet! Cheesecake is hands down Ben’s favorite dessert, so in our house love can definitely take the form of a slice!ReplyCancel

They stood beneath the trees. And there they joined hands as they spoke words that joined their lives, promising to be strong in their love. To plant roots so deeply in each other’s hearts that they could weather any storm to come, and to each be a shelter for the other, just like the leaves that […]

  • Holly

    Just in love with every single one of these! Beautiful work as always Sarah & Ben!ReplyCancel