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Happy Monday friends! Today we’re celebrating just a little, because we found out over the weekend that we are a 2015 Editor’s Choice Award winner for Two Bright Lights! For those of you who don’t know, Two Bright Lights is the platform we use to submit our work for publication, and includes publishers like The Knot, Southern Weddings, and all of the wedding blogs we love so much! We are super stoked (not only because it gives us an excuse to have a celebratory cupcake) but because it means we are getting a lot of our sweet couples’ wedding days published and seen by even more people. And what is better than spreading the love of a wedding day around even more?!


We can’t wait to keep working hard towards all of our 2015 publication goals, and already have an AWESOME new print feature coming soon that we can’t wait to share with you all! But for now, we’re off to have that cupcake ; )

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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Travis comes from generations of ranchers, so when it was time to pick the place for he and Jessica’s engagement session there was absolutely no question where it would be. Afterall, why not document something so special in a place that is so very special to both of them? So we followed the dirt roads and a few one way bridges out to meet them for a tour of the place they love most. We had SO much fun exploring the property, including the gorgeous house they are in the process of building (and when we say building, we mean legit BUILDING) and we think it is so cool that there will one day be a finished house that Travis literally poured his sweat and handwork into. Is there anything more romantic?

Their two super sweet (and majorly adventurous) dogs followed us around for their session, and Ben got to drive us through the woods off roading style which he was preeeetty pumped about. We loved their natural style (including Jessica’s ridiculously cute boots) and felt so spoiled by how easy these two were to photograph. (I mean really Jessica, you are basically a professional smizer!) Overall, it was absolutely perfect in every way (can we just talk about the golden light everywhere?!) and we are so excited to get together with the two of them for their wedding among the orange groves!

Jessica + Travis, thank you both for such a fun afternoon! We had SUCH a blast exploring with you both, and can’t wait to see you soon!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

 Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0033Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0027Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0026Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0034Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0035Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0025Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0028Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0037Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0036Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0031Florida Rustic Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0032

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  • Erin Carr - LOVE everything about this! Travis she fits you perfectly. So happy for you my friend!ReplyCancel

There was a feeling in the air that day. And it didn’t come at any specific time, or during any particular event. It wasn’t only because he whispered something sweet in her ear, or because she was simply excited the day was finally here. It was just there, from the first time she stepped into her dress to later that night when he would twirl her in it.  Everything felt so genuine. It all just felt so real, and perfectly authentic that you knew the love they were there to celebrate was the real thing. That it would stand the test of time. Because the way he looked at her that day when he first saw her, and the way she laughed when her smile simply couldn’t get any bigger, that’s the stuff real-life love stories are made of. . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nadia and Casey are married! The day started off perfectly with Nadia’s ridiculously gorgeous details (can we just talk about those Kate Spade shoes?!) before a super sweet first look in downtown Tampa. We loved the energy pouring out of both of them as they giddily got to see each other for the first time that day, and how easily they moved into their portrait time afterwards. Casey was cracking jokes that had Nadia (and the rest of us!) laughing all day, and being with them and their sweet bridal party was so, so much fun for us. And speaking of fun, these two had a reception that was pretty much the best party ever! The dance floor was packed all night long, and we loved getting to sneak outside with some of the guys for some fun cigar pictures.

Nadia + Casey, I hope it goes without saying that we absolutely love you two to bits. Thank you both for an amazing day, and for the incredible honor of documenting it all for you both.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0018Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0019Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0020Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0005Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0021Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0017Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0023Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0003Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0024Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0004Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0022Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0006Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0027Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0026Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0025Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0028Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0031Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0007Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0032Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0033Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0036Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0008Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0037Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0034Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0035Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0029Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0030Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0009Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0038Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0010Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0039Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0040Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0041Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0042Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0045Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0046Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0043Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0011Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0044Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0047Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0012Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0053Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0013Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0049Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0014Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0050Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0052Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0051Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0054Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0016Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0015Tampa Fire Museum Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0055


Photography: Sarah & Ben

Reception Venue: Tampa Firefighters Museum

Hair & Makeup: Mystic Hair


Wedding Dress: Athena’s Bridal Boutique

Coordinator: Unique Weddings & Events

Florist: Carrollwood Florist

Cake Design: Wrights Gourmet

Catering: Puff ‘n Stuff

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  • Dani Quinones DallaTorre - I love all your pictures, God bless your marriage for many years to come!ReplyCancel

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If you follow along on Instagram, you know that last week I (Sarah) was lucky enough to get a seat at the workshop of the ever so lovely Amy & Jordan. These two are just about the sweetest human beings on the planet, are doing huge things in the photography world, and I am so incredibly honored to now call them friends.I flew out to Arizona intending to learn a few things to improve the way we run our business, but what I got instead was a total soul recharge I didn’t even know I needed. So now that I’m back (and I’ve had the time to brain dump everything I learned into Ben) I thought I would share a bit about my trip with all of you guys. (Which just so we’re clear involves just as much eating as it does learning. . . .) Here’s a peek at my adventure through a mix of iphone snaps and actual pictures : )

I ventured out west with my sweet friend Ailyn, and the very first stop we made of course had to be In-N-Out. Guys, this is popular for a reason. SO. INSANELY. GOOD!

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0025

That night we headed to an ice cream social with Amy, Jordan, and the rest of the workshop attendees. I loved getting to meet everyone in such a laid back environment, and was so surprised at how quickly our little group of strangers from all over the country felt like old friends . . .

View More: More:

But the laid back feeling of that night quickly melted away (ice cream pun ; ) because the next morning A+J were ready to get down to business.

We were each welcomed to the workshop with our very own top secret playbook.

I would tell you how incredibly awesome it is, but even THAT is top secret ; )

View More:

The first half of the day was spent raising a whole lot of roofs, and talking about everything shooting related.

View More:

And then we got into the shooting part of the day.

I opened my memory card case and found this sweet little note.

Cue cry #1 of the trip. . . .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0030

Day 1 included an absolutely EPIC styled shoot that I am so, SO excited to share with you guys soon.

These models plus the gorgeous design work?! PHOTOGRAPHER HEAVEN.

View More:

Then after the shoot we spent the evening going everything post-processing related.

(And of course eating pizza.)

Day 2 came early, but not so early that I skipped my morning selfie. . . .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0027

And after a morning chatting about business, Amy gave us each a mini headshot session

while Jordan kept teaching and answering everyone’s questions . . .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0029

Amy Demos, you’re a magician! ; )

View More:

Afterwards we took a few fun shots with new friends. Love these girls and their sweet hearts so, so much!

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0014

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0013

Love each of these faces and the bond I feel with each of them from this awesome process : )

View More:

I mean, we’re all pretty adorable. Just sayin’.

View More:

And ever so quickly, our two days were over.

But that didn’t stop Amy & Jordan from sitting outside with us until midnight for one last chat.

The hearts of these two are simply inspiring.  Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0026 The next morning we woke up, and with just a few hours left in Arizona decided to check off a few bucket list items.

Which of COURSE included a stop for a breakfast cupcake (or two!) at Sprinkles. . .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0005Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0018

This my friends, is the stuff dreams are made of . . .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0004Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0016Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0024

And then we headed out into the desert for a little bit of sight seeing.

I came to Arizona with the goal of seeing a real, live, cactus. Turns out Arizona has just a few. . .  .

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0003Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0015Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0019Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0001Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0020

Even though I was in ballet flats instead of hikin’ boots

(when you’re serious about hiking you can leave off the g. I know now, I’m an expert ; )

we hiked up to this little lookout anyways. Totally worth all the weird looks I got from fellow travelers!

Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0021Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0023Amy & Jordan Workshop Review_0022

To anyone debating attending one of Amy + Jordan’s workshops in the future, I whole heartedly recommend it. No matter if you are in your first year of business or you’re a seasoned pro, I promise you will learn something new and walk away feeling ready to serve your clients even better than before. Not to mention you get your very own #demossandwich. And isn’t that worth it in itself?;)

View More:

Love + Laughs,


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  • Ailyn La Torre Hemminger - Ohhh! I miss our roomies fun!! Love you friend! We have to do this again REALLY soon!! XOXOReplyCancel

  • Terri Baskin - This is so good! I loved your recap and photos and it was so great to meet you girl!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Foote - I love this post! What an amazing experience. I think we could be good friends :)ReplyCancel

The room was dimly lit. With only the light from the nearby tank illuminating their faces, and the sea of their loved ones behind them becoming one in the shadows. There, standing together, they both talked in voices a bit hushed, as if the vows they were making to each other through teary eyes and full hearts were a secret just for them. And in a way, they were. Because in that warmly  lit, slightly hushed room there was such a feeling of intimacy that you couldn’t help but be feel lucky to be one of the few people in the world witnessing it. You couldn’t help but feel like, for just a little while, they let you in on their secret . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Melissa and Dan are married! They had an intimate ceremony in front of the floor to ceiling coral reef tank followed by an outdoor reception with family and friends. We loved how the nautical vibe of the aquarium was carried through to the centerpieces on the tables. Then the party kicked into high gear with the always fantastic Grant Hemond DJ’s. The night concluded with an amazing bubble send off which was absolutely magical!

Thank you Melissa and Dan and we can’t wait to see you on the big screen at Wrestlemania!:-)

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0008Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0003Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0011Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0005Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0009Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0010Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0012Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0013Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0014Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0015Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0004Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0016Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0018Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0017Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0021Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0020Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0019Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0022Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0007Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0023Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0024Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0006Florida Aquarium Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0025



Photography: Sarah & Ben

Hair: Manuela Yabar

Makeup: Casey Hodgin

Coordinator: Rhonda Abdalla From Yes to I Do Events

DJ: Grant Hemond

Venue: Florida Aquarium

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  • Jordan Demos - You guys captured this day SO perfectly! I love all the little moment and emotions because I feel like I really know this couple and their love story! From one photographer to another, bravo you two :-)ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra Derevyankin Yarborough - What a cool venue. Such a fun and different wedding–love it!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Gomez - Wow! What a cool & fun wedding. Looks like it was one to remember. I would’ve loved to have been there. Awesome job Sarah!ReplyCancel

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  • Sarah Evan Anderson - these pics came out so great! what a lovely night it was <3ReplyCancel