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When we think back on our afternoon with Chelsea and Rob, there is simply one word that comes to mind. JOY. These two are just so darn happy to be together that their excitement can’t help but bubble out and lighten up the world around them, and that’s exactly the kind of love we adore documenting! Chelsea has the most genuine smile that makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years whenever she catches your eye, and Rob is insanely witty and busts out one liners at a moment’s notice. Within five minutes of meeting them and beginning the session we were all laughing like old friends, and by the very end of the night it most definitely felt like we were.

Since they live in (and love!) the downtown Tampa area, we made sure to include a few favorite landmarks before a quick change at their apartment (which is right smack dab in the middle of downtown and ADORABLE) and then met their sweet pup in Curtis Hixon to finish the rest of our session. The skies were ominous in that Florida summer way for a lot of our session, but not a single drop of rain fell until we finished! (We think that’s because gloomy skies couldn’t even try to darken the light-hearted love story of these two!)

Chelsea and Rob, we had such a wonderful afternoon getting to know you both and hearing all about your sure to be AMAZING wedding later this year! We hope you love this peek into our afternoon as much as we loved capturing them.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0030Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0031Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0024Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0025Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0026Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0027Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0028Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0029

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They held each other close as they danced in the doorway. And as the lyrics to the song that played seemed to echo every promise they had made to each other earlier that day, they smiled the kind of smiles that seemed to come from the deepest part of their hearts. The people who meant the most to them watched from one room, and the other room sat empty with promise for what was to come.  And  there, turning slowly in between those two rooms, they shared their very first dance as one . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ashley and Hunter are married! They had a beautiful ceremony at the always gorgeous Sacred Heart Church, before taking off for their Tampa Club reception in a classic (and just plain awesome!) Bentley. It was a rainy Florida day, with showers all through the morning and even during their ceremony, but we were blessed with sunny skies for the rest of the evening and got to hop around some of our favorite downtown Tampa spots with their super fun bridal party for portraits before heading to the party. Ashley looked every bit the perfect, timeless bride in her lace trimmed ball gown, and Hunter’s whole look (including his bowtie which was made from FEATHERS) was just awesome! We were absolutely obsessed with all of the florals throughout the day (by the always amazing 2 Birds Events) and loved how classic every single detail of the day felt. All in all it was a wonderful day for two people who couldn’t possibly deserve it more, because they both just have the kindest of hearts.

Ashley and Hunter, thank you both for not only inviting us to document your wedding day, but for making us truly feel a part of it! You guys made our jobs so incredibly easy and we loved spending the day with you both. Have an AMAZING time in Europe!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0012Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0014Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0015Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0013Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0003Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0016Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0017Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0019Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0020Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0021Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0022Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0023Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0004Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0024Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0025Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0026Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0027Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0028Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0029Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0005Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0030Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0031Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0006Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0032Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0033Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0007Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0034Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0010Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0035Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0008Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0036Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0009Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0040Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0038Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0039Sacred Heart Tampa Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0037



Photography: Sarah & Ben

Hair & Makeup: KyleLynn

Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart

Reception Venue: The Tampa Club

Wedding Dress: Olga’s Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Apparel: Frank’s Formal Wear

Videographer: Lexoria Wedding Films

Florist: 2Birds Events

Cake Design: Publix

DJ: Cory Barron with Grant Hemond

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WHOA. When did it officially become August? Can you seriously believe we are through with summer already?! I can’t believe it is time for kids to go back to school and pumpkin EVERYTHING to almost start making it’s appearance! I am sad to see July go, especially because it was the month of one of the most epic trips ever, but I’m more than happy to relive my favorite parts and keep record of them here to revisit when their memories are a little less clear in my mind. That’s right friends, it’s time for another round of The Little Things.


The Little Things: July 2015


The Mini Horses

It is a well known fact about me that I am a champion car sleeper. Put me in the passenger seat and tell me I’ll be there for a while, and I immediately get excited about the dreamy, warm, sunlight-filled nap that is about to occur as the car lulls me to sleep. That being said, I tried to fight every single one of my nap urges while we were up in Maine. All of the scenery was just so stinkin’ gorgeous that I felt like the worst human ever to miss any of it. So I pumped myself full of caffeine, we blasted Ben’s vacation mixes, and I tried my hardest to stay awake. And I did. Until one particularly sunny day, when we were listening to James Taylor (which fyi is our JAM) and the roads were just a bit windier than normal and the car a little warmer. It was like the entire world was begging me to close my eyes for just a bit. So I gave in, but not before telling Ben that if we passed anything worthwhile he should wake me up.

About 20 minutes into my nap, the car came to a screeching halt as Ben shouted my name. And as I groggily opened my eyes, there sat my husband with excitement-filled eyes and a smirky-smile on his face, and he simply said “you’re going to want to see this”. He had found the most magical place EVER, a farm of nothing but teeny-tiny horses, and was now getting out of the car to ask for permission for us to see them. Did he get that? NO. What he got us was a full on tour of the place, including getting to pet and feed every single one (including the teeniest little baby horse that made me squeal like a child). It was SUCH a completely wonderful experience.IMG_1249

And as we got back in the car after our pit stop, I couldn’t help but hold Ben’s hand a little tighter. He could have just driven by and gotten us to our next destination. He could have just let me sleep. But he knew how (probably nonsensically) happy seeing those horses would make me, and so, he stopped.


The Window Seat

If you look at Ben and I standing side by side, it’s not any sort of question as to who would be comfier crammed into the middle seat on an airplane. At 5’4 I slide in there pretty easily, not feeling like I am encroaching on a stranger’s space in the least. And then there is Ben, at 6 feet tall, who takes up just a bit more room (and looks slightly more uncomfortable). But nevertheless, EVERY SINGLE TIME we fly, he gives me the window seat. Not because I ask for it (because most of the time I insist he takes it) but because he just knows it’s better. That’s love.




The Mug

You know how sometimes you just have CRAZY moments (ladies, I’m talking to you!) The kind where you know you are reacting completely illogically to something, but you just can’t seem to help it? That’s what happened when I chipped my new favorite mug last month. I had gotten it home safely all the way from Maine, and when I went to rinse it out after it’s very first use I bumped it on the sink and chipped it.  And then I lost my mind. “I hadn’t even gotten to Instagram it yet!” I whined to Ben, as I proceeded to eat my breakfast in a huff. I was hugely grumpy about the tiniest thing (told you, sometimes girls are just illogical). And then, even though I was being snappy while I ate my pancakes, and even though I didn’t ask (or even think to do it) Ben got out some clear nail polish and painted it over the chip. Which not only fixed my mug, it fixed ME.


I still love this mug. And yes, it’s still a little chipped, but that chip doesn’t feel rough or sharp anymore. It’s smooth, the way he made it, a reminder that sometimes even the broken things can remind you of something beautiful. In my mug’s case, it’s not just a cute cup anymore, but a symbol of a man who loves me even in my grumpiest moments and who always finds a way to mend whats broken.


Love + Laughs,



Want to catch up on the all of my favorite Little Things? You can find past posts here:

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02. Bagels and Acro Yoga

03. Paper Eyebrows

04. Mugs and Mini Horses

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If you live in Florida, you know that for what feels like the past YEAR (but is really only a couple of weeks) we have been getting hit with full on monsoon-like storms EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It has been laughably gross outside, to the point that memes have been popping up all over the internet about how we now have whales swimming down our highway on-ramps and sharks on our streets. And if you’ve been here, you would be tempted to think that might actually be possible. Needless to say, this wet weather hasn’t made for the best session days.

On the day of Emily and Nathan’s engagement session, everything looked like it was going to be no different. We woke up to gray skies and pouring rain and our hearts sunk at the thought of being stuck inside AGAIN. But when we talked to Emily later that day, she said her and Nathan wanted to just go for it and see how everything turned out. We loved that these two were up for anything, so with a couple of extra umbrellas we made our way downtown. We met the the two of them (and their ADORABLE pup Pumpkin) in Curtis Hixon park, for some shots around there and the Riverwalk, which turned out to be TOTALLY do-able because the weather was DRY! That’s right! In the middle of a monsoon-filled week, these two were blessed with an hour window of completely dry, not super humid weather. (We think that mother nature was just smiling down on their cuteness!) For the second half of our session we had to duck under awnings and use some umbrellas, but we loved the clean look of the museum against Nathan’s fire gear and how everything in the city glistened in the rain. It turned out to be an awesome afternoon with two people who could not POSSIBLY be more adorable together, and we felt so lucky to have such stunning subjects (who are every bit as lovely on the inside as out).

Emily + Nathan (and Pumpkin too!) thank you so much for braving the rain with us! We had so much fun with you guys and can’t WAIT to do it again next year!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0007Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0008Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0009Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0010Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0011Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0012Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0013Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0014Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0015Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0016Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0017Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0018Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0019Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0020Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0021Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0023Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0024Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0025Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0026Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0028Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0030Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben Photography_0031



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If you followed along for our Maine Recap you know that we teased this a bit there. But guys, we have a confession to make.


Judge. Judge away. The old us would have. And then once you are done with your newfound feelings of grossness towards us as selfie-stick toting individuals, you may read on.

(We will pause here for general scowling and smack talking about the stupidity of this device and anyone who buys one).

We have to say that we never were the type of people who wanted one (because if you asked us there were few things more conceited  looking than having to carry around a special tool to take pictures of YOU), but when it was time to start packing for Maine the idea kind of creeped into our Sarah’s head. (Let the record show that Ben was NOT the originator of the selfie stick entering our household idea). We knew we would be doing a lot of adventuring, climbing mountains, seeing some pretty awesome views, and we wanted to document us there. Like, TOGETHER. And when you are a wedding photographer on vacation, you are always mega weary of handing your $4500 lens + camera combo to a complete stranger, who looks as though they are about to keel over from the ten mile hike they just did to get to the top of the mountain. (Cue nightmares of having your camera smash onto the boulders below, or even worse having to chase said stranger down a mountain as he/she makes off with your stuff. We’re just not that fit).

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005So three days before we left, a teeny package arrived at our door holding our new selfie stick. We laughed as we opened it, saying multiple times out loud how stupid it was and how hard we were judging us, just so the gods of coolness out there in the universe could know that we didn’t actually condone this purchase. It was just NECESSITY. And a few days later we found ourselves in Maine, getting it out for our very first vacation selfie. We loudly talked about how silly it was (again, so strangers around would know that we weren’t ACTUALLY on team selfie stick) and quickly took our picture before shoving it back into the bag as fast as humanly possible. Had anyone noticed us using it?! We hoped not.

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002But a couple days into vacation, something happened. We became totally oblivious of anyone’s opinion of how nonsensically ridiculous we looked (which at times was most definitely pretty ridiculous) because we were absolutely smitten with the fact that we were going to head home with so many pictures of us together. There were sweaty mid-hike selfies that perfectly captured just how tired we were in that moment, and selfies with our favorite lighthouses. There were picnic selfies and cow selfies, and even one from the highest peak in all of Acadia. Yes, they’re just slightly blurry iPhone pictures, but they are some of our most favorite ones of the trip. Because they are of us, on our adventure, together.

And if you ask us, that’s worth looking a little silly to remember.

Love + Laughs ( and go get a selfie stick!),

Sarah & Ben

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004

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