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There was no more perfect song for that moment than the one they danced to that night. No words more fitting for him to hold her close to than the ones that filled the room. “Through chaos as it swirls, it’s us against the world”. Because a few short hours earlier they had made a promise, shared a kiss, and then turned around to face the world as husband and wife for the very first time. And that day, as they walked back up the aisle, they set out to go up against the world together for as long as forever would allow . . . .

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Angela and Wynston are married! They had the most amazingly styled wedding day at The Epicurean Hotel (where we have been absolutely DYING to shoot!) and everything came together perfectly. Angela and her girls started the day with an adorable mimosa bar, before she put on her absolutely gorgeous dress. (Sleeves AND a giant bow?! We were in heaven!) From the color palette of Angela’s bouquet to the different shades of purple of the bridesmaid dresses, there was not a detail that did not flow perfectly with the next. And Wynston and his groomsmen were rocking some perfectly fitted suits and pocket squares that looked absolutely dashing!

After a love filled ceremony at Christ the King we were spoiled with getting to sneak into Chocolate Pi for some sweet (pun very much intended!) portraits of the two of them! The Epicurean provided SO many amazing portrait spots that we could seriously shoot there a million times and always find something inspiring.We loved that the reception centerpieces were a little different on each table, and how intimate and cozy the room felt. Every one in attendance had an awesome view of all the action on the dance floor (including the hilarious dance Angela shared with her dad) and it felt like one close-knit group there to celebrate two people very much worth celebrating.

Angela and Wynston, we are not only so excited to know you both and now have you two as friends, but we were beyond thrilled to have been the lucky ones to document this day for you guys. Everything about your wedding was an absolute dream for us to capture, and we feel so thankful to have been a part of it.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0017Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0002Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0018Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0004Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0019Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0003Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0023Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0016Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0026Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0028Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0007Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0020Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0021Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0022
Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0025

Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0062Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0061Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0063Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0031Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0005Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0032Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0008Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0033Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0034Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0035Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0036Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0037Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0038Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0009Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0039Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0041Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0040Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0042Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0043Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0044Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0045Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0046Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0011Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0047Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0010Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0014Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0048Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0012Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0013Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0049Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0050Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0051Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0052Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0015Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0054Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0055Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0056Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0053Epicurean Hotel Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0057


Photography: Sarah & Ben

Ceremony Venue: Christ the King Catholic Church

Reception Venue: The Epicurean

Hair & Makeup: Jess Waldrop

Wedding Dress: The White Magnolia

Videographer: Rad Red Creative

Florist: 2Birds Events

Cake Design: Trudy Melissa Cakes

DJ or Band: A Premier Entertainment

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Before we ever met Melissa and Carl in person, we got to meet them through a video of Carl’s proposal on their wedding website. We loved watching their “yes” moment (and would be lying if we said we didn’t watch it more than once) and were so excited to get to meet the two of them in person! Well, as sweet and happily in love as these two looked via video, they were even more so in real life, and after getting to meet them we were beyond excited to get to be a part of their big day!

We met the two of them for a downtown Tampa session that finished by the water of Bayshore with some lovely golden light. We adored how the two of them fit together in just the right way, with her being able to nuzzle right into his chest as his lips perfectly come to rest on the top of her head for sweet kisses. Looking at them together, you just know that their hearts were put together for a reason.

Melissa + Carl, we had such a wonderfully laid back afternoon with you two, and we are beyond excited to spend the day with you guys at The Regent next year!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0016Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Downtown Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022

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Gabe was in the bridal party of a wedding we shot a couple of years ago, so we were SO excited when we got a call from Heather about documenting THEIR wedding day. We love this sweet group of friends, and are pumped to get to spend more time with them!

We met the two of them at a state park for some exploring among the lakes and trees, before heading to a nearby field for some awesome rustic shots in the tall grass. Their outfits perfectly coordinated with the locations, (can we talk about her gorg teal dress?!) and we loved how sweet the two of them are together.

Heather and Gabe, we can’t wait to see you guys again on the big day! Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon of exploring, and for braving the mosquitos and nature for these shots!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & BenRustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0016Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0026Rustic Tampa Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0024

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When we have a Skype consult we are always super excited (partly because we get to wear pj bottoms with our fancy business clothes on top) but we also miss that in person interaction that comes from getting to meet with our couples in person. Getting to give them a huge “you’re getting married!” hug, watching the way they interact with each other, and talk without any sort of glitches or freezes in the conversation (because the internet only seems to freeze our faces in the LEAST flattering of expressions). So we were SO excited to finally get together with Kim and Felipe in person for their engagement session, and see them in real life rather than through a computer screen. But you know what the funny thing was? We met them and instantly felt like this wasn’t our first meeting, but our hundredth. We don’t know if it is because they are just so in love with each other that they are comfortable anywhere, or because our ice breaking corny jokes are just that good. Whatever it was, this afternoon was perfection from start to finish.

We had SO much fun exploring part of a nearby park before heading over to the mini golf course for an awesome putt putt date (is this not the cutest idea ever?!) There were tons of laughs, some very suave putting lessons on Felipe’s part, and so, so many bad golf puns. Then, just when the day couldn’t get any better, we finished if off by getting to feed and hold a real live alligator!

Kim and Felipe, you two are just lovely and we had such a fabulous afternoon with both. Thank you for all of the laughs (and crazy faces!) and for making our job so much fun! We can’t WAIT to do it all over again!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0016Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Mini Golf Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006

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After our very first coffee date with Carly and TC we both agreed on one thing as we got back in the car to head home. These two were so very in love, and we were so excited to get that kind of love in front of our cameras!  And when it was finally time to do just that, these two definitely didn’t disappoint!

We met the two of them in Philippe Park for some nature exploring before heading downtown for some canoodling amongst the shops and boats. We adored how easily these two cuddled with one another, and how they moved from intimate snuggles to full on gut bursting laughs so seamlessly. Our two hours with them felt more like an awesome double date than an afternoon of work, and once again just reminded us of how lucky we are to do what we do.

Carly and TC, thank you for a fabulous afternoon (and the much needed ice cream afterwards!). We adore you both to bits and can’t wait to spend the day with you at the aquarium later this year!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0001Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0008Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0007Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0006Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0010Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0029Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0030Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0031Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0015Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0009Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0002Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0016Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0017Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0018Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0003Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0019Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0020Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0024Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0026Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0005Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0027Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0004Safety Harbor Engaegment by Sarah & Ben_0023

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  • Linda Proulx Burgess-Davis - Absolutely beautiful! Carly you could be a model!! Love, love your makeup & hair also. So happy for you both.ReplyCancel

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