Just a few moments before, he had stood with his back to her. And he had turned around, eyes filled with excitement and a smile on his face, to see his bride for the first time that day. Now they stood in a long embrace, together at last, as she whispered words into his ear […]

  • Clint Arlington

    Such a beautiful wedding, but even a more beautiful bride! Congratulations to you both!ReplyCancel

  • Breanna Day

    This wedding was hands down the most beautiful one that I have ever attended. The bride was stunning, the decorations were emaculate, and the love in the air was utterly heart-stopping. Best Wishes to Allie and Andrew as they grow even closer throughout the years to come (as HUSBAND and WIFE)! Seeing my husband stand in line as a groomsman definitely brought tears to my eyes. Having captured these moments of love and passion goes to show the deep connection between the bride and groom, and the happieness of friends and family for years to come. There are no words to express how amazed I am at these photographs. I am in awe. Thank you, Sarah & Ben!ReplyCancel

    • You are far too sweet Breanna! Thank you so much for such kind words, we loved spending this day with Allie + Andy!ReplyCancel

She descended the grand staircase, hand clutching the wooden rail as her train flowed down the patterned steps. And as she reached the last few he turned around to see her, causing that wide, eyes crinkly, genuine smile he seems to save just for her.  And there they stood, looking at each other in a […]

  • Anonymous

    Such a beautiful description for what seemed like a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! Great job capturing these wonderful moments! Congratulations Molly and Harrison!ReplyCancel

Laughter is their love language. Poking fun at each other is their most sincere “I love you” and they’ve built a home inside each other’s hearts filled with inside jokes and puns. They full-on belly laugh together like the oldest of friends, and love each other with the excitement of soulmates.  And because of all […]

  • C.C. Ruth

    You both look so very happy. Your love shines through in these photos. We wish you all the happiness in the world. This venue looks amazing as did you.

    Karen, you looked gorgeous as well. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.ReplyCancel

It’s that time again friends! In a life that has become so gloriously full of wedding work, just the way we always dreamed it would be, stopping for a minute in the middle of a month to recount all the little things I sometimes forget to be thankful for has become one of my most […]


They stood back to back, fingers interlaced, excited for the moment that was to come within the next hour. The moment that they would finally be married. And as they both stared straight, so as not to get a glimpse of the other, they each smiled a smile so big the other could feel it’s […]